Design Expertise

Our in-house design and development team is renowned for crafting innovative and attractive products ideal for the environment that they’ll be used in. The four stages of our design and development process include industrial design, engineering, packaging design, and product design. But first, we start with research, studying the property, brand, or project that we’re designing products for, to ensure the overall vision is met.

Industrial Design – addressing the design and development of primary and secondary packaging as well as the unique challenges that come with specialty packaging such as display and promotional packaging

Engineering – delivering technical manufacturing specifications to our factories as well as our component suppliers to ensure every factory around the world can execute the intended program design

Packaging and  Graphic Design– initiating the design of graphics and details along with color palettes. We can build a graphics story from the ground up or effectively incorporate your designs into new packaging ideas

Production Art Design – creating mechanical art for production. We translate the designs into information that insure mass production will meet the intention of the design