Product Design & Development

We pay attention to every detail to ensure we produce the finest quality personal care products in the world, from concept to finished good. This is true whether we are producing our own branded products, creating a custom collection for a hotel chain, working with a retail brand partner on their next project, or anything in between.

Design Expertise. Our in-house design and development team is renowned for crafting innovative and attractive products ideal for the environment that they’ll be used in. The four stages of our design and development process include industrial design, engineering, packaging design, and product design. But first, we start with research, studying the property, brand, or project that we’re designing products for, to ensure the overall vision is met. Learn more about our design process.

Fragrance and Formulations. We work with one of the largest fragrance development firms in the world, providing us with a thorough understanding of fragrance trends we pass on to you. Our fragrance matching capabilities meet the unique needs of hospitality and other specialty market segments, yet still align with your brand requirements. For retail brands, we use real formulations to preserve expectations of the brand. With consistent global execution, Gilchrist & Soames’ fragrance and formulations ensure an exceptional guest experience. Learn more about our formulation process.

Research and Development. We are committed to continuous research and development to ensure we anticipate new bath, body, fragrance and beauty trends, along with the corresponding trends in all of the markets that we serve. This tireless pursuit allows us to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of every customer we work with, ensuring that together, we’re providing memorable products to delight and impress.

Manufacturing Excellence.  With manufacturing locations throughout the world, our capabilities are extensive and range from high-volume runs to small custom orders, allowing us to create comprehensive programs to meet virtually any customer requirement. Learn more about our quality assurance.

Innovation. We’ve long prided ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation related to product design and development. As a leader in the industry in lightweight bottles, we were the first to minimize the amount of plastic in our offerings, as well as the first to introduce small neck designs for additional flexibility. Our non-removable oriented flip caps eliminate issues on-property as well as allow for a cost-effective means of offering a flip cap. These are just a few examples — our design and development teams never stop listening to customer needs and introducing innovations far ahead of the competition.

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