Community Outreach

We believe in giving back to support people and our planet through community outreach. Our company and employees are involved in a number of activities designed to share our good fortune with others. Here are just a couple of the organizations and causes that we support on an ongoing basis:

e-NABLE Prosthetics:  Our product development and engineering teams utilize 3D printing in the development of new innovation for customers.  These technical experts and our company technology is also used for volunteerism – to print, build and donate custom prosthetics for children through the e-NABLE network.

Honey Bee and Sustainable Pollination Research: We support the University of California at Davis Entomology Department by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of our BeeKind™ Collection to the University’s Honey Bee Research Program.

Clean the World Hotel Partnership Program: This unique charitable organization offers the opportunity to support the global community through an amenities recycling program. You can learn more and register directly with Clean the World by visiting their sign-up page here.


If you’d like to request a product donation, contact us by calling 800.592.8862 or email